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Understanding Treatment


Understanding Treatment

PROMACTA for chronic ITP

PROMACTA is a once-daily drug that can help you with your chronic ITP. Your doctor may consider PROMACTA if other treatments have not worked well enough for you. One tablet a day can help raise platelet counts and may keep them at safe and stable levels.

Thrombopoietin (TPO) is a protein produced primarily in the liver that controls how many platelets are made. In people with chronic ITP, there usually isn't enough TPO reaching the bone marrow when platelet levels get low. This means that there are not enough platelets being produced by bone marrow cells called megakaryocytes to make up for the ones that have been destroyed.


PROMACTA is a TPO-receptor agonist. TPO-receptor agonists are a type of chronic ITP treatment that works by increasing the number of platelets being made. TPO-receptor agonists bind to the same receptors as TPO in your body. This action sends a signal to your body to make more platelets.


Need help talking with your health care team about your treatment? Download the PROMACTA Discussion Guide.