Understanding Treatment


Understanding Treatment

Help boost your platelets with a once-daily oral treatment

PROMACTA® (eltrombopag) is a platelet booster, so it functions differently from other chronic ITP treatments. Instead of suppressing your immune system, it works with your body to increase its production of platelets.


PROMACTA is the only once-daily oral platelet booster. Other platelet boosters require you to visit your doctor for an injection. 


Once PROMACTA has raised platelet counts, it may help keep them at a stable level. Click here to learn more about how PROMACTA performed in clinical trials in people with chronic ITP

How PROMACTA treats chronic ITP

Karyocytes in your bone marrow aren't generating enough platelets so you take PROMACTA.People with chronic ITP usually aren’t making enough platelets to replace the ones their body destroys. This leads to low platelet counts, bruising, and bleeding.

PROMACTA binds to TPO receptors like regular TPO to boost platelet production.
Instead of suppressing the immune system, PROMACTA acts like a protein called thrombopoietin (TPO) that tells bone marrow cells to make more platelets.

Now the body is making more platelets, so it can make up for the ones it has destroyed. Platelet levels are boosted to a stable level. 

Test your PROMACTA know-how

How much do you know about PROMACTA as a chronic ITP treatment?

Who is PROMACTA for?

Acute ITP patients
Chronic ITP patients

Try again : PROMACTA is only meant for people with chronic ITP, after acute ITP treatments have failed.

Correct : Great job! PROMACTA is for people with chronic ITP (people who have had ITP for 6 months or longer), after other ITP treatments (such as steroids) have failed to maintain platelet levels or have caused too many side effects.