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Understanding Side Effects


Understanding Side Effects

What are the side effects of PROMACTA?

The side effects of PROMACTA® (eltrombopag) and other platelet boosters are generally mild.


In clinical trials, the 4 most common side effects of PROMACTA in adults with chronic ITP were:

Nausea, 9%

Diarrhea, 9%

Upper respiratory tract infection (symptoms may include runny nose, stuffy nose, and sneezing), 7%

Vomiting, 6%

• urinary tract infection

• pain or swelling (inflammation) in your throat or mouth (oropharyngeal pain and pharyngitis)

• abnormal liver function tests

• muscle aches


No matter what the treatment, always let your doctor know if the side effects get to be too much.
*Symptoms may include runny nose, stuffy nose, and sneezing.