Monitoring Treatment



Finding a starting PROMACTA dose

Children from 1 to 5 years old will likely start at 25 mg of PROMACTA® (eltrombopag) once per day.


Anyone over the age of 6 typically starts at 50 mg of PROMACTA once per day.


PROMACTA is also available as an oral suspension

An oral suspension offers another option for those who can't swallow a pill.

You and your doctor will work together to find out which dose works for your child. After that, your doctor will periodically check your child's platelet count.


When your child first starts taking PROMACTA…

Platelet counts will be tracked once a week.


Once you and your doctor have found a dose that works…

Platelet count checks will become less frequent.

Involve your child in his or her own care to make blood draws more tolerable.

  • Talk to him or her to distract from the prick of the needle
  • Involve him or her in keeping a diary to find patterns and to remind you both of how far you’ve come


Remember that managing chronic ITP is about managing symptoms, not platelet counts. Try not to fixate on specific counts. They’re useful as a guide, but how your child feels is more important. 


However, do discuss with your doctor any trends that you notice.