Monitoring Progress


Your doctor will track your progress by checking your platelet count:

  • When you first start taking PROMACTA® (eltrombopag), your doctor will check your platelet counts once a week to help find the right dose
  • Once you and your doctor have found a dose that works, platelet count check-ins will most likely take place once a month


You can help by making sure you tell your doctor:

  • How your body is reacting to new medication
  • If your immune thrombocytopenia (ITP) symptoms are not improving
  • If you experience any bruising or bleeding while taking PROMACTA or after treatment has stopped
  • If you experience any new or worsening side effects


It’s important not to stop or change the way you take PROMACTA without talking to your doctor

Remember that managing persistent or chronic ITP is not just about your platelet counts, so try not to focus just on the number. While platelet counts are useful as a guide to how you’re doing on PROMACTA, reducing your symptoms and how you feel are just as important.

Keep track of your progress

Mark your platelet counts with our platelet tracker.